Services Offered

ChilleeSys' Conference Manager has been designed to assist conference co-chairs to handle author submissions and submission reviews in a paperless manner. The system is optimized for online use by both conference constituent groups, authors and reviewers, thus reducing the number of e-mail messages received and sent by conference chairs.

The submission, reviewing, notification and program creation steps can be customized for each conference submission track (e.g.: sessions, posters, papers, etc.). The online system will assist with the following conference stages:

Paper/Proposal Submissions

The system enables submitting authors to upload their paper/proposal files in various formats (e.g.: rtf, doc, PDF, etc.), enter their short abstracts, co-author information, and any additional required information. Simplified process ensures a quick and smooth manuscript submission. The Conference Manager allows authors to update their manuscript information before submission deadlines, minimizing conference chairs’ involvement in submission process.

Review Preview
Reviews and Evaluations

A matching process assists conference chairs in assigning reviewers to submissions. Expertise codes provided by submitting author and reviewers are used to create a better reviewer match. The review process is fully web-enabled, allowing reviewers to download assigned manuscripts and submit reviews and evaluations via the system website. Simple and intuitive interface keeps track of unfinished reviews and allows reviewers to update previously provided evaluations.

Acceptance and Disposition

The ChilleeSys' Conference Manager summarizes reviewer evaluations, comments, and reviews for each submission. Computed basic statistics make the process of acceptant/rejection decisions a straightforward task. Conference co-chairs can edit disposition letters and the system will customize them for individual submissions. Decision notification is an single undemanding step.

Create Program Preview
Conference Program

The conference website program functionality helps co-chairs to compile information submitted by authors, eliminating the need for re-typing, and create a conference program ready to be downloaded as a separate file and/or to be published on the web. Created program events, sessions, and papers can be easily moved around and edited. A single location of the program allows multiple people to make changes simultaneously. The generated file is pre-marked with author index.


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